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3D-ART /w/Motion Effect Photo $150 each

Depending on what you want will be a differnt price set:

Just a Pic with a 3D afffect, very affordable.

We only do 3D art photos.

3D videos is a whole other level: That can be in the thousands:




What is 3D Art?


Three-dimensional art, more commonly referred to as 3D art, refers to any art that is created in three dimensions, rather than two-dimensional like a drawing. This type of three-dimensional art can be made in many different ways, including sculptures, paintings, and even photographs. 3D art can be used to create beautiful and intricate pieces that are sure to amaze and impress viewers.    

This article will explore all the different types of 3D artwork that exist today and look at some examples from artists who have been successful with this technique. 


3D Art Definition

Three-dimensional art is defined as art with all the dimensions of height, width, and depth. Unlike 2D art, it occupies greater physical space and can be viewed and interpreted from all sides and angles. 3D artists use various materials manipulated into objects, characters, and scenes to produce these artworks.


Three-dimensional art is a type of art done in three dimensions. Sculptures, paintings, sketches, and photographs are just some of how this sort of art can be shown. For example, 3D Art may be utilized to create stunning and intricate works of art that will astonish and impress onlookers.


Sculptures have been the predominant 3D art form for centuries, evolving continually throughout different periods of art history. However, 3D art can also be found in various other forms, including 3D paintings, shadow boxes, and experiential artworks. 

3D-ART /w/Motion Effect Photo $150 each

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