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This a 2.oz glass jar, round dome top. No leakes.

We never add acid to our products,Paraben Free/SulFate Free:


Charcoal Clay: just take a pich & like butter spread over your face to your liking:

Leave on your face 5 to 7 mins wipe off with a warm towel or strong paper towel:


Great for gentle skin exfoliation! Exfoliate all the dead skin cells for a smoother silkier picture perfect skin finish.

  • A Deep Pore Cleansing - Loaded with mineral ions to deep clean pores and leave skin feeling rejuvenated
  • keeping pores clean and free of dirt and oil, it also helps minimize their appearance. This is especially important for oily skins who are more susceptible to a buildup of excessive oil on the skin. If your skin has a bumpy, uneven texture, active charcoal powder could be the trick to smoothing it out!

What is inside of Charcoal Clay Deep Cleansing ?


  1. Shea Butter Raw
  2. Aloe Raw
  3. Kaolin Clay Raw
  4. H30 Distill Water
  5. Active Charcoal/Coconut
  6. Lavender

Charcoal Clay Deep Cleansing(MEN & WOMEN)

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