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What's inside of YQ Eczema Itching/Psoriasis Skin irritation Natural Plants 3.oz glass jar/w/child protected dome top: use as needed

we never add acids to any of our products:


  1. Shea Butter-Raw
  2. Almond-Raw
  3. Neem-Raw
  4. Grape Seed-Raw
  5. Arrow Root-Raw
  6. Temp Out F/C Degress


Yash Qaraah-Eczema can help with:

poison ivy,rashes,hives,insect bites,irritated skin and last adds moisture to skin by keeping skin soft preventing your skin from feeling itchy.


Eczema is a skin condition that causes dry and itchy patches of skin. It’s a common condition that isn’t contagious. Symptoms of eczema can flare up if you contact an irritant or an allergen. There are treatments available to help you manage symptoms, but there isn’t a cure. However using plants to resolve itching is the first step. & Lastly changing your food habits also will help maintain the cure in the long run. Eczema also relieves jock itch. 


Some may say Neem Raw has a strong smell:


Neem Raw has a strong garlic/nutty aroma – unpleasant to some but loved by those who have experienced it’s healing and protective powers. Some companies deodorize this raw oil to get rid off the smell, but it is my belief the strength and some benefits are lost in that process. It is better to add therapeutic essential oils, that will hide the strong Neem aroma and add benefits to the product.

What is Neem Raw? The medicinal properties of Neem have been described in ancient black Indians medical texts (4000 B.C.) such as the Atharva Veda, Ghrhyasutras and the Sutragranthas. The sanskrit name, nimba, means ‘to give good health‘. About 75% of Ayurvedic remedies contain some form of neem! Indians call the sacred neem tree “the village pharmacy”, and have limitless faith in its abilities.

We use only premium Neem Raw Oil. Wild-crafted, cold pressed from carefully stored seeds* of the Neem tree. This raw oil is perfect for skin care. Benefits include:
1. Antiviral – inhibits the growth of viruses
2. Anti-fungal – inhibits the growth of fungi
3. Antibacterial – destroying the growth of bacteria
4. Analgesic – providing pain relief
5. Anti-inflammatory – reduce certain signs of inflammation, swelling or tenderness
6. Antimicrobial – destroying the growth of microorganisms
7. Age defying.

Neem Raw is used in skin care because it is nutrient dense. Neem contains extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants that help to protect the skin from environmental damage. Neem also contains carotenoids (similar to carotene) which provide high antioxidant compounds that help defend the skin against skin aging.

Neem Raw is ideal for acne skin because it can help to soothe irritation and inflammation, and prevent future break-outs. It also helps reduce redness and inflammation.

The high fatty-acid content in Neem Raw is said to prevent and treat scars from acne and it is not a closing oil. It penetrates the skin without leaving it greasy.

Eczema is another type of skin inflammation. Skin is dry, red, flaky. Neem Raw, can relieve eczema symptoms, especially when it used in addition to Oxygen Plasma.


What is eczema?

Eczema is a condition that causes your skin to become dry, itchy and bumpy. This condition weakens your skin’s barrier function, which is responsible for helping your skin retain moisture and protecting your body from outside elements.


Who does eczema affect?

Eczema can affect anyone at any age. Symptoms usually appear during childhood and last into adulthood. You might be more at risk of having eczema if you have a family history or a diagnosis of:


What causes eczema to start?

The first signs of eczema are itchiness, dry skin and a rash. These signs indicate that you came into contact with a trigger in your environment that caused your symptoms to start or flare up. Identifying environmental triggers and avoiding them can reduce your risk of an eczema flare-up in your future. Also certain process foods,camping outdoors(high grass),skinny diping & hygiene.  

Eczema Itching: Natural Plants(Gluten Free)

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