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Just doing it for someone you care for:

Okay, so maybe you’re a busy person who just wants to make a heartfelt song as a hobby; a way to soothe the turmoil in your mind, and not necessarily for the possible financial gains. That’s totally cool. The truth is that every person, regardless of their goals, come upon similar struggles in their respective careers. Yash Qaraah understands, which I have designed it to make it easy for all people, whether you just want to make music as a therapeutic exercise or have ambitions of telling someone you care.



Save more, gain more

Tired of spending big bucks on hiring musicians and booking studio time without having any results to show for it? With Yash Qaraah, you are able to match your budget with the session spoken word, musicians and studio pro who can make your song sound great.



You will have royalty free access to use the song anyway you want; However you can not sell the song . Because you don't own the Masters or Publishings. Making this purchase you fully understand the CopyRightsLaw©qaraahfilms™

Once purchase is made you will be sent a mp3 file. In 3 days. Thereafter all sales are final and no REFUNDS: will be given.

Make your Own Song; for Someone you care about...

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