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One on one. 1hr & 30mins:

meetings are a critical component of independent, team, and business success.

To achieve important business goals, it’s essential for managers and independent ones to stay connected and aligned. There must be trust, accountability, and ample opportunities for honest feedback. And all of this must be done in a human way that serves righteousness, spiritual, and businesses. Helping you complete your 1099OID/1041/1096 for a Draw:

But not all 1 on 1 meetings are created equal.

You can’t just do one on ones.

You have to do them right.


I will set a schedule for the One on One: You will have one time to re-schedule.

If you don't keep your original time/day:

If you can't keep your appointment for the next time/day. You will forfit your payment.


And lastly: Please read with understanding & know there are no REFUNDS!



One on One- 1hr & 30mins:

Excluding Sales Tax
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