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Yash Qaraah/Qaraah Films to obtain your Trademark. 


We also will give you 24 hrs to make sure this is a done deal.

After you have paid, Please email us with a working current email/ contact working number.

Please be advised you are also responsible for all fees, such as class fees that means the name of your trademark. If your trademark is complicated it will not pass forward, which means someone else already has that trademark. Keep it simple & your trademark will be approved. It takes up to 6months depending on how many clients are a head of you. The only thing you pay for up front is $500.00 for the Hiring FEE: which we will give you 24 hrs to make sure you are still on board with Qaraah Films preparing your Trademark. After we have your Trademark Name we will send out an invoice to you. To finalize the process on completing your Trademark:



"PLEASE BE ADVISED" There are absolutely no refunds. This is why there is a 24 hr window so that you have a full understanding on the matter of this agreement.

USPTO-Trademark- USA ONLY!

$600.00 Regular Price
$480.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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